2001 Sedona Conference at Charleville


In an effort to prevent the US Invasion of Iraq, in 2001 the sedona Confernce met at Charleville castle in Ireland with International delegates from US and Arab countries under the chairmanship of irish foreign Minister Brian Cowen TD.

The Official Mission Statement of Quest Charleville Castle Ireland set out in the year 2000 to defy Global trends towards war and poverty and place peace and sustainability uppermost for human well-being through international action learning, collaboration, shared heritage, uniting people across the Globe .. invite others to join us - seeking to join you in the quest to change the future and work to steer a safe course through the challenges that lie ahead - Global Warning, Population Explosion, Urbanisation, Militarism, Political Corruption, Poverty, Malnutrition, Epidemics, Gainful Employment, fare access to global resources and the means to enjoy life for all.